Female Cria Guarantee

We understand just how important your decision will be on how to best invest your breeding dollars - how to get the most for your money while still improving your herd is an important decision. That is why we offer a unique Female Cria guarantee ... we believe our AmericasPremier® Herdsires will add great value to your program and want to help you improve the quality of your herd through your breeding program. We also know the value of increasing the number of females on your farm! That is why, when you make your breeding investment decision and select one of our AmericasPremier® Herdsires, we will subtract $500 from their breeding fee. When your new cria is born, if it is a male, than you owe us nothing. However if the cria is female and you want to register her, you send us a check for the remaining $500. That is it - simple! It's just our way here at BrushWalker Alpacas to help you upgrade your herd with less risk. We also provide a "live birth" guarantee and if, for any reason other than neglect, your new cria from one of our herdsires fails to live for 48 hours after its birth, we will refund 1/2 the fee that you have already paid and offer a free rebreed to any of our AmericasPremier® Herdsires upon receipt of your vets statement.

Our entire farm is BVD free and we require all breeding females to be pre-tested. Our breeding program includes 60 days free boarding and an on farm ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy before returning her to your farm.

We look forward to working with you to reach your breeding goals -

The Brush's – George, Joanne, Andy and Rachel